Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Comics: Bronx Angel--Politics By Another Method (Page 10)

Bronx Angel: Politics By Another Method: Page 10.
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Well, if the last section was one of my favorites, this next piece is probably the worst piece in the book.  Not only does it set up a pair of Straw Man arguments, it also bogs us down in a three-page classroom scene in the middle of what was becoming a tense piece about gang life in the Bronx.  As Randy Lander said from the comics review site The Fourth Rail, "People yelling at each other in a classroom might be realistic, but it's not the way to tell an exciting story in a comic book."

On the flipside, this scene sets up the title of the book, and from a screenwriter's point of view, it's the piece that's going to set up whatever sense of closure exists when this story is over.  So I put it in as a kind of "stupid screenwriter's trick" in order to add in ideas I could turn around and reference later in the story.  If you think about it, you'll realize that you've seen this done before--in practically every middling TV show ever, especially whenever they have a Very Special Episode.  This is the scene that sets up the story thematically, eventually giving us what TV People call The Golden Moment (or Moment of Shit) later on.

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