Wednesday, December 12, 2012

YMCA Tri Club Organizational Meeting

It's December and almost the Winter Solstice, and yet all I can think about lately is triathlon.  Like, I know the new season is right around the corner, and what I really need to be doing, instead of writing or reading or sleeping or whatever, is getting on my bike and putting in some miles.

I bring this up because I've got a meeting tonight with Amanda, the Health and Wellness Director at the local YMCA, about the 2013 edition of the Y's Tri Team.  I am the club's volunteer coach, and tonight Amanda and I are gonna discuss the club's upcoming organizational meeting, tentatively scheduled for early January, during which I'm hoping to talk about goal-setting and feel out the members on what they're hoping to accomplish this year.

Personally, I'm hoping to find a nice, flat Olympic triathlon sometime late in the season and place in the top 25% of my Age Group.  I can usually do that in Sprints, but in Oly's it's a lot harder, mostly because the folks that show up to Oly's tend to be uniformly more-talented athletes.  You get some folks in Sprints who just want to see what this Tri thing is all about, and that's fine, but they aren't necessarily the toughest competition.

Also, if you're wondering, the Y's 4th Annual Y-Tri is scheduled for May 11th.  It's a short, early-season Sprint that I usually use as my first full triathlon of the season, and this year it's (conveniently) one week earlier than the Shamrock Duathlon.  For once, I will actually get to do both.  That is totally awesome.

Anyway, if you're a triathlete in Connecticut, or even if you just have a hankering to see me in a swimsuit, come on out and do the Y-Tri.  Registration is $70, and the race itself is a blast.

See you out there!

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