Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Update

Well, the good news is that we has Tri Practice this morning, and it was pretty good.  Not as well attended as I might've hoped, but definitely fun.  We went about 4.6-miles, maybe 8:45 pace.   Gently rolling hills; nice little effort.

But I felt crappy immediately afterwards, came home, and promptly went to bed.  My temp spiked to 100.8°--not a super-high fever, but certainly enough to make me feel like crap.  Fortunately, it's Saturday, and nobody really needed anything from me today, so I could go straight to sleep.  I slept from about 11am to almost 3 pm.  Then I took some Advil, and now I feel better. Not great, but also not like I'm going to die, either.  With the flu going around so strongly in the City right now, I'll admit that I was a little worried there for awhile.

Now, I'm watching the Broncos/Ravens playoff game, and if you're wondering, I took the Broncos (-9.5) to cover. But they better turn it up pretty darn soon, or it don't look like covering is gonna happen.

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