Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Trip to the Norwalk Aquarium

Sally and I took the girls to the Norwalk Aquarium yesterday.  The Aquarium is dedicated to teaching about marine life in Long Island Sound, although they also have animals from other areas.  We went specifically to see the penguins, but there was lots to see, and I took pictures.

Hannah answers questions about the
Sound at one of the entryway stations.
Emma and Sally at another station.
Hannah & Emma pet rays.
The ray tank was a kind of petting zoo.
I'd never seen a blue lobster before.  I asked,
"How much per pound?"

This octopus was missing an arm.


Hannah and Emma look at the African Meerkats.
This meerkat saw us and started clowning around.

Poisonous frogs!
Me and the girls as turtles
More turtles

This river snapping turtle was as big as a truck tire.

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