Monday, February 11, 2013

Triathlon Diary: 2/4 to 2/10 (Rest Week)

This week started with a whimper, but it ended with a bang.  The question of the day is, "How many aerobic points do you get for an hour of shoveling snow?"

I only manged to get in the water once this week, and even then, I didn't do much.  Early on in the week, I decided to make this a Rest Week, so Wednesday's swim workout was intentionally short:

  • 200 SKIPS
    • 200 Swim (freestyle, warm-up)
    • 200 Kick
    • 200 IM
    • 200 Pull
    • 200 Swim (freestyle, tempo)
  • 200 Kick
  • 200 Pull
  • 200 Swim (easy, cool down)
And that was it; 1600 yards of mediocre swimming, and I got out.

Swimming Total: 1600 yards (16 pts).

I rode to work twice.  I felt okay on the bike, but it was cold this week again--mid 20's in the mornings--and I feel like it's hard to ride well under those conditions.  Still, for a Rest Week, this was probably about where I needed to be.

Riding Total: 2 x commute ride; 22.8 miles (22.8 pts).

We were supposed to race a 4-miler on Saturday, but instead we got crushed by the blizzard.  So, no running this week.

Total Points for the Week: 38.8.

Final Thoughts
38.8 points is not a lot, even for a rest week.  Then again, I spent three hours shoveling on Saturday, and that's got to be worth something.  Certainly, my back is sore enough that it ought to be.

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