Sunday, March 17, 2013

LinkedIn Profile

My LinkedIn Profile
One of the things I noticed this past week on Google+ was that most of the +'ers are using their LinkedIn profiles as their home pages for the site.  That struck me as weird, but then I was talking to one of the other members of the Blog Tips community about it, and about blogs in general, and she said that she makes her living primarily on LinkedIn.

What the Heck?  How on Earth does one make a living on LinkedIn?

Anyway, all of this inspired me to (finally) put together my own LinkedIn profile, which you now absolutely have to go look at because I've spent far too many hours tweaking it for it to just get ignored.

Question: Does anyone actually use LinkedIn?  What's it for, anyway?


  1. I've gotten no real use from LinkedIn since I've been on it, but I tend to be inept at making money, so it's just proving what's already evident in my case.

    But thanks for wanting to add me!

  2. Ha!

    Y'know, I'm sure the business world is a meritocracy of some kind. I'm just not sure what the critical skills are. Granted, it seems like most of the very best people I know have been pretty successful, but lots and lots of folks that I also consider very, very smart and very dedicated seem even more frustrated in their careers than I am. My personal feeling is that the top 5% are less than 2% better than the next 30%, and but for the occasional accident of fate, the various folks at the top could easily exchange places with the frustrated. And there are a few folks who've made it big that, frankly, I don't like at all.

    I don't know what to make of it. Fate is incredibly fickle. I've tried to respond with an overwhelming burst of randomness of my own, and while that hasn't helped make me any more money, it has at least given me the satisfaction of fighting back.