Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Mad Science: Living in a Geek's Paradise

It's been a crazy week, and mostly not in a good way.  This week, we're just gonna have to fight back as best we can.

From G.I. Joe Classics, Volume 2.

In comic news this week, Archaia Entertainment was just nominated for eight Eisner Awards.  Which is awesome because Jerry and I had a booth next to Archaia at the NYC ComicCon in its inaugural year, and I feel like I know the company's founder, Mark, pretty well.  Well enough that I'm happy they got nominated for so many awards anyway.

Archaia is most famous for Mouseguard, of course, but the books that got nominated were Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse and Spera, Volume 1.

I haven't read either, but I can say with all honesty that I've never read anything from Archaia that I didn't like a lot, and I can well imagine that both of these books are terrific.  They're both supposedly aimed at kids, which is kind of a switch from where the company started but starting to become something of a core niche, I think.

Okay.  So now that that's out of the way, seriously Mark, when in the Hell are you going to finish Artesia?  I really like that book!

This shit is absolutely not funny any more.

You've seen this, right?  I'm not a big fan of Parks and Recreation, but this is pretty funny.

I assume you've seen this as well?

Looks cool, right?  I wasn't too excited about the Duke of Suffolk playing the part of Superman, but he looks good here.  Very macho with that beard.

I get the idea that, for once, this is a Superman who could actually hold his own against Batman.  Which makes a lot more sense than the way they usually do it.

Gimme a Superman with some fight.  Make him a hero I can get behind, and I think that for once, I'll actually get behind him.

I talked a bit about Hickman's new Avengers title last week.  Well, here's a preview of the next issue, Issue #10.
Avengers #10.
Click here to see the preview.
Looks cool, right?  I dig me some Alpha Flight.
And that's all I've got this week.  I grant you that it's just a bunch of useless pictures and previews, but there was so much crap this week, that it was either this or dive into the muck of reality, and frankly, reality ain't too appealing right about now.


  1. The Mice Templar is better than Mouseguard. 99% less hype, however.

    The Oswalt filibuster deserves a permanent place in the annals of geek culture.

    1. I don't know if I can agree with that. First off, I've met David Petersen a couple of times, and I really liked the guy. Plus, I think he's managed a very nice epic tone for his story.

      That said, I haven't read Mice Templar, so what do I know?

      Still, it isn't like Petersen went looking for hype. He was a guy at a Con with a stand-alone black-and-white one-shot book who happened to meet Mark Smylie and thereby found a publisher. And not a big one, either. Back then, ASP was pretty much just Artesia and whatever other projects Mark personally got behind. He very nearly got behind Bronx Angel in the same way, but ultimately he didn't like the art enough--and I don't blame him; that was the right call.

      Anyway, the rest was just market forces, which ASP was able to use and capitalize upon. Even so, it's not like they're out there merchandising to the max. It's still very much a work of art and not a publishing machine.

  2. I am so looking forward to my Man of Steel. Can't wait to see the Duke of Suffolk in tight pants and a red cape. Sure beats the big cloaks they make him wear as King Henry's side man.

    1. Yes, tight pants. The indespensible accoutrement of the caped crusader. Ha!