Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pics from Blue Hill

Yesterday was our last full day at the cabin.  We hung around for awhile, swam, and took out the canoe, but it was mostly a lazy day. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We drove out to the town of Blue Hill late in the day.  There's a local brewery out there that we'd read about, and Sally and the girls were looking to do some last minute souvenir shopping.

We stopped first at a funky little chocolate shop.

From there we walked around the little historic district. 

We were out there at low tide, so this guy's house and boat looked half as cool as normal. 

This sculpture is called "Window to the Sea".  It's dedicated to "the children of Blue Hill".  I wanted like it, but at low tide, I didn't feel like it framed the view very effectively. 

Finally, it was time for the brewery!

They had several great beers, but my favorite was The Boss IPA.  Sally liked the Deep Dive Pale Ale.  We stopped and had a pint and then grabbed a growler of the IPA for football season. Can't wait to crack that bad boy open!


  1. Nice post Dan. I miss it already but you kept such a nice post I suppose I can always go to your post to 'go back there' when I need to.

    1. Yeah, that was what I was hoping to do. We'll always have our memories, but they're a little sharper with pictures. Now we have some saved.