Thursday, October 9, 2014

Friday Speed Work

If you read Monday's post, then you will know that I came into the week with a plan for my workouts.  Well, I wound up switching it around a little.

I'd planned to run Monday, swim Tuesday, run again Wednesday, and then go easy Thursday and Friday, restricting my workouts to just bike commuting.  Instead, I blew off Monday's run, swam Tuesday as planned, did an easy three miler on Wednesday at lunch, and then used today as an Active Recovery day, again via my regular bike commute. This sets up tomorrow as a speed-work day on a lunchtime run.

Here's the plan:
-- 10:00 warm-up, easy pace
-- 3 x 1:00 hard / 2:00 easy (active recovery)
-- 5:00 warm down

That will total a little more than two miles.  

After that, Saturday is a day off.  Sunday is gonna be a long, slow distance (LSD) run to totalling all of five miles. 

So, what do you think?  I read recently that you should limit speed work to no more than 8% of your mileage total for the week, and given my injury history, I'm inclined to believe it.  So this is a new approach.  Here's hoping it pays off.

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