Monday, August 31, 2015

Climbing Penobscot

We took our first hike yesterday, up the south face of Acadia's Penobscot Mountain. This was noteworthy because it had the hardest section we'd ever climbed as a family, a section of the Spring Trail that the guidebook noted required a series of "iron rungs and wooden handrails" built into the ascent. I pictured something like a ladder bolted into the rock face and wasn't sure how we were going to get the dog up that, but we decided to try it and carry her somehow if necessary.

We had waffles for breakfast then drove down to the park. We then parked at Jordan House and headed out. 

The Spring Trail was a challenge, but we made it up. There was one section where we had to hand the dog up a rock face that was too big to jump and too steep to climb, but other than that, we all did very well. 

At the top, the Spring Trail breaks out into Penobscot Trail, climbing gently but steadily up to sheer granite face of Penobscot Mountain's southern face. We had breathtaking views of the Gulf of Maine and the Cranberry Islands but relentless sun as well. 

By the time we hit the summit, folks were getting a little cranky.  We had lunch and recharged, then headed down to Sargent Pond to dip our feet in the cool water of a mountain oasis. 

Ice cream and mini-golf finished the day. We slept hard last night.

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