Friday, November 27, 2015

5 Things on a Friday: Christmas is Coming!

Keeping it short this week.  Here's hoping your Thanksgiving kicked ass.

1.  Donald Trump Is a Fascist (Slate)
In the past week, however, “Donald Trump as fascist” has gone from hyperbolic to mainstream. After endorsing extreme measures in the aftermath of the Paris attacks—from registering Muslim Americans to closing mosques—assorted writers, observers, and political operatives began using fascist to describe Trump’s approach. “Forced federal registration of U.S. citizens, based on religious identity, is fascism. Period. Nothing else to call it,”tweeted Jeb Bush adviser John Noonan.
As I’ve said before, the amazing thing is how many people like his brand os fascism.
Vladimir Putin has ordered state-of-the-art missile defense systems to be deployed to Russia’s basein Latakia, Syria, capable of shooting down Turkish jets up to 400 kilometers away. (The base is only 50 kilometers south of the Turkish border.) It has also deployed one of its largest air defense ships just outside Turkish waters in the Mediterranean and cut off all military-to-military communication with Turkey.
Nothing surprising here.  I included this because it’s the first time I’ve seen anything on the Russian response to the downing of their airplane.
Miss Canada, otherwise known as Anastasia Lin, a 25-year-old actress and classically trained pianist who has been denied a Chinese visa to attend the monthlong pageant, apparently because of her outspoken advocacy for human rights and religious freedom in China.
I’m sure this is an important story.  I’m running it because their are so few reasons to put even tasteful cheesecake up on this blog.
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The likeliest procedure involves removing the nucleus from an egg that comes from two parents through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and inserting it into an egg from a donor with healthy mitochondria which has had its nucleus removed. The embryo will then inherit the genes of three different people, though the contribution of the third party is modest: mitochondria contain only 37 of the roughly 20,000 genes which make up a human. Nuclear DNA, which provides the other 99.8%, will not be changed in the process, so inherited traits such as eye colour, a propensity for baldness and personality quirks will still come from two parents.
That right there is amazing stuff.
5.  It’s officially Christmas season.

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That's all I've got.  Enjoy the weekend!

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