Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Odds & Ends: Art for Geeks

I'm not gonna say that I put this post up solely because of how much I liked the following piece of art, but...

This guy, Michael "Gorilla" Pasquale at 800lbproductions is my new favorite follow on Instagram.

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Good idea, judging from the following shot of air pollution in Hong Kong.

via Wikipedia Commons.


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No reason for including this one.  I just think it's really cool.


No news today, so The Economist went with wisdom.  An interesting choice.


Jeb Bush and his supporters still have a pile of money to spend, remnants of $100 million raised when he seemed early last year to be a sure bet. They have an expansive ground operation in New Hampshire. And allies have just begun a new ad campaign in Iowa...

It may be too late: Other campaigns appear to have counted him out altogether. But, in extensive interviews over the past week, aides to Mr. Bush and important allies described a long-shot plan to pull off what seems all but impossible: winning the Republican nomination for president.

Bottom line: avoid embarrassment in Iowa and do well enough in New Hampshire to change the narrative. That requires an extensive get-out-the-vote "ground game". There're some talking points in there about attack ads and Lindsey Graham as well, but getting actual voters to the polls is the only thing that's actually going give Jeb! a push.

I wouldn't put money on his chances.


Mearls's new Facebook page is here. So far he has only posted pictures--he could have totally put those on Twitter--but at least one of them is super-awesome.
That's a Behir on its way to eating a group of adventurers circa 1981.
How do you follow that?  You don't, obviously.  

Have a good Saturday.

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