Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Comics: Bronx Angel--Politics By Another Method (Page 4)

Bronx Angel: Politics By Another Method, page 4.
Click here to see the page at full size.
It occurred to me as I was thinking about what to write here this week that this first section doesn't read very well as a web comic.  It wasn't intended to be read this way, it was meant to be a book, and I'm a little concerned that the flow of Angel's thoughts is getting so disrupted here that the emphasis will be lost.  Not much I can do about that now, but I've been thinking that maybe when this is over, I'll put together some kind of "Complete, Annotated" Bronx Angel in PDF, so that it's a little easier to read.

But that's only if I have time to put it together, and there's no guarantee of that.

Anyway, this page looks a Hell of a lot better with greyscaling than it does with just line art.

Last thing: there may well be a South Bronx Diner, but if there is, I've never been to it.  In fact, anecdotally  I'll tell you that I've seen a lot more of these kinds of places in Queens than I have in the Bronx.  But whatever.  Why let reality stand in the way of our story?

This is page four as it originally appeared.
Click here to see this page at full size.

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