About Us

Danno E. Cabeza

Aliases/Nicknames: Dan, DannoE

Identity: Dan's identity is easily discoverable, but he is not a public figure.

Occupation: Engineer (current); armored cavalry officer (former)

Known Relatives: Sally (wife), Hannah & Emma (kids)

Group Affiliations: USMA Class of 1995, Friends of Army Swimming; Housatonic Boat Club; As For Football

Education: MBA (International Finance), Fordham University; BS (European History), U.S. Military Academy

Powers: Danno doesn’t mind walking all the way across a parking lot. That may not seem like a superpower, but it keeps his car doors from getting dinged up.

Abilities: Danno is an accomplished competitive swimmer, occasional freelance writer and Senior Writer for AsForFootball.Com, die-hard Grill Geek, and arch-beer snob. He is also a semi-skilled Dungeon Master, though he doesn’t get to play D&D as much as he might like. Dan is proficient with G.E.’s Multi-Area Reliability Simulation (MARS), Multi-Area Production Simulation (MAPS), XA/21 SCADA Energy Management System (EMS), and Siemens Power Systems Simulation for Engineers (PSS/E). He is a NERC-certified electric Transmission Operator.


Danno graduated high school in Tampa, Florida, where he swam for the Chamberlain High Chiefs. From there, he went to the U.S. Military Academy, graduated in 1995, branched Armor, and was stationed with the 3rd Infantry Division in Savannah, GA. He served as a tank platoon leader, headquarters company executive officer, and staff weenie. Following the Armor Captains’ Career Course, Dan was sent to Korea, where he served with the 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry, again as a staff weenie. Dan left the Army in November 2000.

It was the height of the dot-com bubble, and Danno’s first job out of the Army was as a logistics consultant working for Kurt Salmon Associates. He taught basic leadership techniques to junior management personnel at a major catalogue company and performed time-motion studies for an environmental company in the great state of Connecticut. After the dot-com bubble crashed, Danno took a job in New York, moved to Hoboken, and started working as an overhead construction supervisor in the Bronx. He finished his MBA in 2006, was promoted, and eventually landed in system operations in 2010.

Danno met his wife Sally at a running club in Hoboken in the summer of 2002. They were married in December that same year and moved to Fairfield, CT, in 2004. They moved from Fairfield to Stratford in 2007. Danno and his wife have two daughters, Hannah and Emma.

Though retired from competition, Danno remains a swimming enthusiast and occasional charity racer.

Sally E. Cabeza

Aliases/Nicknames: Sallybelle, Sally Boobaloo

Identity: Sally makes no secret of her identity, but she is not a public figure.

Occupation: Fitness instructor; public school teacher (former); Peace Corps Volunteer (former)

Known Relatives: Dan (husband), Hannah & Emma (kids)

Group Affiliations: Returned Peace Corps Volunteers; Housatonic Boat Club

Education: EdM (Elementary Education), Columbia University; BA (Education), Boston University

Powers: Sally has a supernatural sense of smell and a photographic memory.

Abilities: Sally is a professional educator and multi-discipline fitness instructor. She is an accomplished recreational runner, having completed several half-marathons, with a handful of finishes under two hours. Sally has also finished four triathlons and is exceptionally fluent in Spanish.


Sally graduated high school in Fairfield, Connecticut, attended Boston University, and then volunteered for the Peace Corps. She spent some time in Africa but was eventually stationed in the hinterlands of Paraguay for three and a half years. She taught indigenous school-age children basic skills, including Spanish, in order to help them better integrate with Paraguayan society as a whole. She also traveled extensively at this time--so much so that it’s a miracle she wasn’t kidnapped by the Sendero Luminoso.

After she returned to the US, Sally went to Columbia University, got her Masters in Education, and began teaching--again in Spanish--at a New York City public school in the South Bronx. From there, she moved to Hoboken, taught for a year in Hoboken’s public school system, and then went private, spending a year teaching second grade at the prestigious Geneva School in Manhattan. It was at this time that Sally met her husband Dan, at a running club in Hoboken. They married, moved back to Fairfield County, and she eventually had two kids--Hannah and Emma.

Sally is a certified Personal Trainer and Behavioral Change Specialist with her own practice through HeadSpace.Fit.  She also teaches group fitness classes at through the Coastal Connecticut YMCA, the Edge is Stratford, and through a variety of private local studios.  Sally maintains a weekly fitness blog at HeadSpace.Fit.

On the summit of Pemetic Mountain, September 2015.


  1. I am enjoying your blog. Even the things I don't understand (D&D, craft beer, comic books!, etc.) I was just in Mahattan! Well for one day. Went on a cruise to New England & Canada. We were scheduled to go to Acaida Nat'l Park but it was Oct 1st and the government was shut down. bummer. So, even though I can't see any background in your photo, I'm jealous. So, do you write your blog during your daily commute on a train?

    I've commented on some of your posts before. I like that you are into lots of different things. So am I. I've been enjoying your writing. I'm also into fitness. I just workout (bodyweight exercises, cardio,etc.) but my daughter is a triathlete. She's at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

    I'm an elementary teacher. I live in California with my husband, and our 20 yr. old college student son. Anywho, thanx for doing what you do.

  2. Thanks.

    Yeah, I mostly write during my commute. But I try to write something every day, so if for whatever reason I don't manage to get a complete thought down during my commute, I try to carve out some other time to finish whatever I was working on. Sometimes that means carving out twenty minutes at the public library near my office; sometimes it means using the last fifteen minutes before dinner to get something set.

  3. I'm writing a song. It's a country music song. Don't hold your breath as I've been working on it, off and on, for quite a while now. I need to make for time for song writing. I'm have a challenging student (behavior problems/issuse) right now and that's soaking up most of my free time. I haven't played piano in a month at least. (No, I'm not good...I'm in the adult beginner phase permanently). But I should still practice.

    I've just been working and reading for escape. I usually read romance novels, but good ones not cheesy ones. I used to read spy/espionage novels or murder mysteries. I guess my real life needs the happy-ending-lift I get from books.

    I like sci-fi TV shows but sometimes sic-fi novels are hard to follow. I'm following yours fine. I'm looking forward to the next chapter of your story.

    1. You do realize that because you mentioned the song on the blog, we now need a link to where we can see and hear you perform it on YouTube. I'll be waiting for that.

    2. I'm not a singer. Just a songwriter want-a-be. I'll be more careful not to mention the song if it's gonna get me in hot water. hehehe So, don't hold your breath for a YouTube video! I don't even know how to publish/copyright a song. I'll just Google it later. After all, tomorrow is another day.

  4. Alright time to read this blog.

    1. Oh good lord. You do know that introduced your parents, right? Just don't make me look bad.

  5. Yes I know that you introduced my parents. They never let me forget it. They gave me a pdf of your book and I'm reading it now. It is quite good. I do have a penchant for fantasy.

    1. Thanks. It's maddeningly difficult to judge the quality of one's own work, and I've worked with enough editors to know that sometimes the stuff that I think is electric and fascinating will read either as either confusing, obvious, or just uninteresting to others.

      I miss your folks. I'm generally happy with my life, but one of the regrets I have is that most of people that I reall, really like live nowhere near us here in CT.