Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Thank You! Final Thoughts on the Swim Across the Sound

We came. We saw. We kicked ass.

No, Team RBG didn’t win the Swim Across the Sound this year— or even place for that matter. What we did instead was raise $6200 for St. Vincent’s Hospital’s Cancer Center, helping real people battling real cancer within our own local community. We finished in fine form in just under 8 hours, having each put in four half-hour pulls starting at 8:45 am at Port Jefferson, NY, and finishing around 4:30 pm at Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport, CT. We had Terry as our boat captain again this year, marking his third turn with our team and our third team appearance overall.

Team RBG on the ferry over to Long Island

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Swim Across the Sound: Swim Week

After what feels like an eternal preparatory period, we have finally arrived. It’s Swim Across the Sound Week.

Yours truly after a recent open water training session.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Swim Across the Sound Update: Less Than One Month To Go!

Sometimes swimming is great, sometimes swimming is a grind, and sometimes it's both. Less than a month out from the 2022 Swim Across the Sound, and we've gotten into a space where it is very much both.

Let's start with the simple reality: I am swimming very well. 

But I've also been swimming a lot, so this isn't exactly a surprise.

From the 2017 Swim Across the Sound.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Black Crowes: Shake Your Moneymaker

My buddy Chris and I went to go see the Black Crowes last night as part of their current tour, celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut album Shake Your Moneymaker.

They played the whole album last night from start to finish!

The Black Crowes: Shake Your Moneymaker

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Swim Across the Sound: An Eventful Day

Friends, My buddy Chris is visiting from Washington State, having just retired from the Army. Alas for poor Chris, I immediately dragooned him into following me for an open water swim yesterday in one of our kayaks. I also made the poor bastard bring our waterproof camera to take pictures of the ordeal. Keyword: waterproof.

Getting ready to hit the water

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Swim Across the Sound (Update 2): Aerobic Threshold Mystery!

Well friends, we have reached the part of the training cycle in which I remember why I retired from competition. Which is to say that I woke up this morning tired and sore to the point that it took a real effort of will to get out of bed and go swim. Looking back on my competitive swimming career these days often feels like remembering that time I had a mental illness. I was mad about everything pretty much all the time, and I used those feelings to fuel my competitive fires. Today I’m in a much better headspace, and that’s great 99% of the time, but boy, it is sooooo much more difficult to find the right mindset when things get tough in training.

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