Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I’m done. Whatever it was that I set out to say, I feel like I’ve said it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog, but it’s done regardless.


Have a nice day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Crunch: Weights, Swimming, & Recovery

I went into the Crunch gym in Stratford last weekend, and the guys at the front desk kind of gave me a hard time.  "Hey, we haven't seen you in here this year."
It's true.  Time really got away from me in the later part of the year.  With that, I leaned into the pool more than the weight room, and I swam okay, but that's about all I could say for myself.  I'm still battling a little hamstring pull, and that makes running tough, and between rain days and Christmas vacation, I wasn't even bike commuting over-much.  For several weeks, it was pretty much just swim-or-bust.
I finally got back into the weight room on Sunday, January 8th.  I kept it simple, but at least I went.  I then had class Tuesday night, and we shot the AFF podcast Wednesday, but with Sally's encouragement I went back to the gym Thursday, doing a slightly longer back/biceps workout.  I did a long set of pull-downs, some bent-over rows, and a few sets to work my core and lower back.

Friday, January 4, 2019

5 Things on a Friday: Trying to Move On

Back to work this week.  It hasn’t been an easy transition, and yet here we are.
I hope you all enjoyed your time off.  I know I did.  I already miss skiing.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Mermaid: A PC Race Design for D&D

We have a rule at our house.  Everyone in our family has to make a Christmas gift for everyone else in the family.  My daughter Hannah has been clamoring to play D&D as a mermaid for months now, so this design for a Mermaid Player-Character race was my made-gift to her.

It's pretty simple, but she was delighted with it, immediately launching into a deep discussion of the four sub-races of mermaids--arctic, tropical, river, and deep--and their shared history, theology, and lineage. 

We may publish an update with the four sub-races.  Who knows?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Swimming: New Year's 5000

My good friend Dave got this workout from his Master's coach.  It's 100 x 50.  I'd planned to do 50 x 100, but this was much more creative than what I had planned.  My stuff always tends to be grinding aerobic-tempo distance work.  This was more a mix of stroke and speed work.

All things considered, it went better than I had an right to expect.  The second set was the hardest.  After that, I think I did okay.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Blog in Review: Top 15 Posts of 2018

The 80/20 Rule is a basic business guideline.  It says that any business will get 80% of its revenue from just 20% of its offerings or services.  For example, we should expect McDonald’s to earn 80% of its revenue from just 20% of its menu items.  This makes sense; almost everyone orders either a Big Mac or a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese.  Really, most of the menu is revenue neutral; the only reason to even offer a lot of that stuff is to make it easier for Big Mac lovers to bring their non-Big Mac friends into the store.  It’s the Big Macs that are keeping McDonald’s in the black.
Happy New Year!
Blogging is the same but moreso.  Much more than half of this blog’s readership has come from a handful of posts, and the rest is here either to entertain me as a writer or to give legitimate fans of my writing a reason to come back on a semi-regular basis.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Swimming: 3200 Yards of Ugly (and a Skiing Story)

We went skiing for the first time this week, and it was great.  By which I mean it was a little icy, and I bit it a few times, but it's never a bad day out on the mountain, especially under the kind of bluebird skies we saw Thursday morning.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

#SBRLLR: Afterword

My wife Sally and I conceived this book as a joint project.  We wanted to show off our partnership as one of the world’s great love affairs.  I gradually came to realize, though, that Sally doesn’t quite have the time to write a whole book about her formative years, and even if she did, the resulting two-volume biography would read like The Winds of War.  Part of me still wants to do it that way, but I wonder who would read two hundred thousand words about a couple who are not famous and not looking to become famous.  
It seems like a tough sell.