Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thoughts on the Black & Gold Game

The girls and I just got back from Army's Spring Scrimmage, and as long as I've got a few minutes, I'd like to jot down my thoughts before I forget what I saw.  I should note that we only stayed through three quarters.  I wanted to watch Ahmad Bradshaw's last possession, but we just didn't have time.  The girls are attending the local junior high school production of Beauty and the Beast, so we had to leave early to give everyone a chance to decompress and eat before heading back out.

We left the house a little after nine, which I thought would be plenty early.  With no traffic, I live about seventy-five minutes from the Academy.  Unfortunately for us, however, the NY State Department of Transportation failed to deconflict their Tappan Zee Bridge roadwork with Army's Athletic Department, resulting in a massive traffic jam that significantly delayed us getting the stadium.  What's worse is that everyone was a little cranky by the time we got there.  This was not a particularly auspicious start to an afternoon with two girls who really only understand the very basics of football.

Saturday Starters: Glorious Victory & Football Notes...

This game was glorious.  It started at 4:30, and I followed the first three quarters on Twitter via  @ArmyWP_MLax.  The Black Knights went up by two early and held the Mids scoreless through the first half.

I got home just as the fourth quarter started.  What had been a close game with a narrow Army lead quickly turned into a route.

Friday, April 29, 2016

5 Things on a Friday: Trump v. Clinton is your Main Event

Happy Friday, folks!
I’d like to apologize in advance for all the politics this week, but I don’t think there’s any way around it.  The week’s events have made our main event matchup pretty clear in the presidential race, and for better or worse, this leaves us with a lot to talk about.
For what it’s worth, I have an obvious rooting interest that I’m not trying particularly hard to hide.  I doubt I could hide it, regardless.  Still, I realize that I’m not changing any minds here.  Articles below are presented because I think they are interesting or relevant, not because they prove my point.
Whatever my point is, it’s either self-evident or it’s not.  We’ve learned over the course of this cycle that trying to argue on the basis of rationality is simply not worth the effort.  Folks believe what they believe, and if this sometimes infuriates me, it’s also true that we all still need to find a way to live together.  I’m not always particularly good at that, but I’m hoping to change the tone a little this week and be a little more dispassionate.  Whether that effort will be successful or not is an open question.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Warning Shots

I let myself get dragged into a political slapfight on Facebook yesterday, and as always, it was a huge mistake.  I have to admit that what I said was particularly nasty, calling Trump supporters "the self-selecting bottom third of American society."

As you can imagine, they didn't like that much.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Army Football Preview: What to Watch in the Spring Game

This post begins our pre-summer look at Army Football’s 2016 season.  We’ll spend the next few weeks previewing the team’s 2016 season, add Michie Stadium to the NYC and the Area series, and run down the schedule to try to make some predictions going forward.  Army’s Spring Game is this Saturday, so we start with that:
What to Watch in the Spring Game?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Adventures of Sneax & Elaina Emboo (Part 8)

Our Story So Far:
Sneakatara Boatman was abandoned as a child by parents she never knew.  Life in the orphanage was tough for a tiny girl with few ways to defend herself, so she lit out as soon as she was able.  But the streets of Docks District are no safer than life was at the orphanage, and now the loathsome street criminal Russitan Lassiter has Sneax at his mercy.

Elaina Emboo is a rich girl from a merchant family, but her controlling father already has her entire life mapped out.  Elaina envies Sneax's freedom without truly understanding its costs.  Still, she agree to help when Sneax asks her to head up to the Old Church to meet with Lassiter.  

Sneax and Elaina get the scare of their lives when they realize that Lassiter has an appointment with Draks, the fire elf, that he and Draks are working to import an illegal shipment of DISTILLED TIGER ESSENCE into Wanderhaven.  But when that shipment goes missing?

That's when things start getting crazy...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Quassy Amusement Park

Sally and I talked about this last night, and neither of us is entirely sure that Quassy Amusement Park belongs as part of the NYC and the Area series.  But I took these pictures, so...

Quassy sits on the banks of Lake Quassapaug in Middlebury, Connecticut, not far from Waterbury.  It's about forty-five minutes north of our house in Stratford, which ought to put it at something like two and a half hours outside of Manhattan, depending on traffic.  It seems unlikely in the extreme that someone visiting New York would make time for Quassy, and folks living in Connecticut must surely already know about the place, but if you're wondering, the easiest ways to get to there are via I-84 or up CT Route 8 from I-95 or CT 15.  Middlebury is itself a quaint little New England town, complete with a six-mile paved bike path, so if you've never been, I will heartily recommend it.  However, I don't know that you would necessarily cross state lines just for the purpose of visiting Quassy Amusement Park.