Thursday, November 15, 2012

Swimming for Triathletes

It's been a while since I've written anything about triathlon here, and I don't know that today is necessarily the day when I change that.  But if you're looking for something that's triathlon-related, I happen to have just the thing.  I'm in the middle of a series of articles for Triathlon.About.Com called "Swimming for Triathletes," and as it happens, the first five pieces--out of the eight that I have planned--have just gone live.

They are:
  • Body Position and Kick - This is basic stuff for newbies.  It talks about what makes a swimmer efficient, at a fundamental level.
  • Using Long, Efficient Strokes - More basic stuff.  This one is for runners who want to swim but don't know where to start with their training.
  • Building a Plan - This one is a little more advanced.  It's intended for triathletes who can swim but who don't know how to build a plan to improve in the water.
  • Swimming is Interval Training - This one builds on the last one, bringing in interval training concepts and tying swim intervals to running and cycling interval concepts.
  • Calculating Your Cruise Interval - But if you're gonna do intervals, how fast should you go?  Well, you start with your Cruise Interval, and you adjust from there, based on desired level of effort.
I also made some videos for these, but for whatever reason, Chris, my editor at About.Com, didn't use them.  If I had to guess, I'm betting that his corporate masters at the New York Times disapproved on account of the fact that we did these using our handheld digital camera and exactly one take, but it could also be that they want a better-looking swimming-model.  Heh.  

Anywho, I might not still have the svelte body I have back in the day, but I'm still a pretty decent swimming instructor.  So...

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