Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hannah's Book Recommendations

I'd like to thank everybody who gave me book recommendations for my daughter Hannah yesterday on Facebook.  I have every intention of going through the list with her next time we're at the library and/or the comic book store.  Although, to be fair, Hannah prefers prose.  It's Emma, my younger daughter, who reads (consumes, devours) comics.

In any event, when push came to shove last night, I pulled about ten paperbacks out of my library and gave them to Hannah to choose through.  Amongst them were The Hobbit, On Basilisk Station (the first Honor Harrington book), and The Best of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. II--because she loves mysteries.  But in the moment, the book that I recommended was Erin Evans's The God Catcher from Wizards of the Coast publishing.
The God Catcher by Erin Evans
It's about a young girl in Waterdeep who's learning to be a wizard/thief, and I thought it'd be a quick read that was right up Hannah's alley.  That said, she didn't have any immediate feedback on it last night, so... I'm not at all sure that it grabbed her attention.  And with Hannah, you really only get three pages to make her want to keep reading.

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