Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Comics: Bronx Angel--Politics By Another Method (Page 16)

Bronx Angel: Politics By Another Method, Page 16.
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As I mentioned last week, this is the part that's loosely based on something that happened to my dad back in the day.

Dad was in Africa, and a guy and his buddy pulled a gun on him.  And my father somehow disarmed them, and beat them down, and basically lived to tell the tale.  But I never got a chance to ask him how he managed to get the drop on not one but two guys, one of whom had a pistol.  Still, even if I did, I'm pretty sure he would have said that it was because he was just a bad-ass Marine, and that's how much of a bad-ass he was.

So I'm just guessing that the guy with the pistol forgot to cock it.  It's also possible that he didn't have any bullets, or that he just didn't have the nerve to shoot an American in his own hotel room.  But my money is on the explanation presented here, and in any event, that's the one that works best for our story.

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