Thursday, March 28, 2013

D&D Next Adventure Concept: Gang War in the City of Brass

Anybody have any clue how one might go about successfully pitching an adventure module at WotC? That'd be a great freelance project, and I could use a break from writing about triathlon.

My go-to move as a DM is to drop the party into a war between two factions, both of which are initially trying to kill them. They can then fight or negotiate, either working for one side or playing both sides against the middle.

The concept I'd like to pitch is no different. Shar has been making inroads into drow society, converting large swaths of males away from the Lloth and thereby threatening the matriarchal hierarchy of some of the smaller drow cities. The party gets caught up in this, and the subsequent campaign leads first to the Shadowfell and then on to the City of Brass, culminating in a nasty little gang war where the Party attempts to establish itself as it's own entity amidst the chaos of the city.

This is my thought for my current campaign, anyway. I thought it might be fun to write it up as a freelance assignment, though.

Your thoughts?

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