Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Star Wars" Story Idea

I have a new piece of a story idea.  It started with a conversation I had with a friend yesterday and, in a larger sense, with my frustration with the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Star Wars wallpaper via Screenrant.
The idea was initially a kind of fanfic.  I was thinking of it as an interim piece set during the Clone Wars, the story of that time Anakin & Padme went on their honeymoon and got attacked by a droid army. In form, the story is basically a series of repetitive, incrementally worsening ambushes that build to a theme.  Droids attack, Anakin is initially successful because he is madly talented, Padme gets in trouble, and Anakin panics, grabbing the Dark Side with overwhelming effect.  The point, then, is in Padme’s reactions.  She’s initially happy that her husband is repeatedly saving her life, but as things continually get worse, he gets more and more into it, growing darker and darker until he is eventually scaring the Hell out of her.

The issue with this is that it’s Star Wars, and I don’t typically write fanfic.  It’s a pointless exercise.  And it’s doubly pointless in this case because I already have my own fantasy world that’s perfectly suited to this story in Cahokiantep, and I’ve been looking for a cool way to expand it a bit.

So… assuming this story is about a secretly-married member of some religious order (the demonic Order of the Blackened Glaive already exists in my fictional universe), I need a new way to frame this plot.

Got any ideas?

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