Saturday, September 30, 2017

Strolling through Twitter: Sports News & Notes

Hey folks!
Happy Saturday!  It's finally game-day!!!  Let's get it on.

It turns out today is actually a complicated sports Saturday.  I mean, yeah, we're all gonna watch Army #BeatUTEP, but you also have to check Twitter to watch Army Golf BEAT NAVY!!!
Go Army!  Beat Navy!!!

Speaking of UTEP...

I didn't watch the game, but I'm not surprised that Jones is having a decent season.  He was absolutely excellent last year on one of the very worst squads in college football.  Without him, UTEP has started 0-4 and has no discernable offense whatsoever.

Haven't been following the Army Men's Soccer team too closely, but I want to say that they're off to a good start.  They are now 1-1 in Patriot League play, and they pulled off a close victory against Sacred Heart just last week.

The Army-Navy Cup has become a big event in the past few years.  I expect this year's game will also be critical to determining who wins the Patriot League.

This is my favorite recruiting pitch of the week:

The U.S. Air Force Academy is having itself a week.  This is not a good day to be a Zoomie...

Back in my day, this event was held in Arvin Gym.  ESPN 2 came out once to televise it, but I have no idea if it actually made it onto TV.

As of this writing, the Yankees are two back from the Red Sox in the A.L. East race.  With two games left to play.  It seems much more likely that they play a Wild Card game, but it would be amazing if they can somehow force a divisional playoff game.  The loser of that game would be at a striking disadvantage heading into the playoffs.

Fournette is only averaging 3.5 yards/carry, but he's still been an invaluable addition to his squad.  They suddenly have offense!  Part of that is undoubtedly due to a change in scheme, but I also think that it has something to do with the fact that folks know that he can take it to the house if he gets loose.  So they have to defend the Jags differently, and that's shown up in QB Blake Bortles's play.

Anyway, I think Fournette is gonna get his.  It's just gonna take some time.  Meanwhile, this weekend's Jags-Titans game has the kind of sizzle that the matchup hasn't seen since Eddie George wore the two-toned blue.

That's all I've got, everybody.  Gotta go puts some yards in at the pool before we start packing up the car for the afternoon's tailgate.

Go Army!  Beat UTEP!!!

See you at the stadium!

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