Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Comics: The Adventures of Hiro Arturian, Samurai (Day 22)

The Adventures of Hiro Arturian, Samurai.  Chapter 2, Page 5.
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Unfortunately, this is the last page of The Adventures of Hiro Arturian, Samurai.  Kevin and I never finished the story.  Well, I wrote the story, but something happened in Kevin's life--I don't remember what--that prevented him from drawing any more of the pages, and I never even considered trying to find another artist. So from the standpoint that this is a story about a samurai looking for a way to defeat an ancient and powerful evil, it remains unfinished.

As a metaphor for today's soldiers, however, I think it works pretty well in its current form.  Here's Hiro, separated from his family and not on the best of terms with them, trying to fight an enemy he barely understands.  It seems obvious that the traditional methods of battle will be useless to him.  He must find work to find another way.  

And in a larger sense, the battle isn't over.  In fact, it's an open question whether it will ever end.

As always, to read the story from the beginning, use the Hiro tag.  Or to read all of the Sunday Comics entries, use the Sunday Comics tag.

Next week, I'll publish some of the rest of this story in script form, so you can see how it would've ended.

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