Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's My Fault

It is.  It's my fault.  I haven't been watching much of the Tennessee Titans this season because, bottom line, they just haven't been very good.  But they've been better these past few weeks, and so I got suckered.  I let myself start to believe.

Today I wore my Titans sweatshirt to my daughter's soccer game, and during the game, I listened to the radio feed on my phone while the girls were out there playing.  Then I put the game on the radio here when we got home, and against my better judgement, I actually let myself believe that the Titans were gonna win.

Of course, they didn't.  They lost in the worst, most heartbreaking, most ignominious fashion.  Ugh.

Final score: Colts 19, Titans 13.


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