Saturday, October 27, 2012

Winter Ambush: A D&D Solo Adventure for 4th Edition

I track the stats on this site pretty closely, and one of the things I've noticed is that people come here A LOT looking for D&D Solo Adventures.  Well, here's the deal.  I wrote one, called "Winter Ambush" for my old gaming group, the Sellswords of Luskan, and then I started writing a second one but haven't gotten around to finishing it because, bottom line, writing those things takes a long damn time.  However, I want to give people what they want, and I want to make this site as user-friendly as possible.

So here's what I've done--I've created a new tab on the top row of the blog for Winter Ambush, and I've re-formatted the adventure to make it a little easier to use on the site.  I think you will still want to download the Excel file to run the thing because of the embedded dice-roller and because the maps are a little easier to use that way, but ultimately, that's up to you.

Now.  If folks want me to finish the other solo campaign, what they are gonna need to do is to comment on the existing solo campaign in order to let me know how awesome it is and how my putting it out there is one of the greatest public services in the history of Dungeons and Dragons.  Elsewise, well, I've got a lot of other stuff to write, and that stuff is gonna take priority.

If you're wondering, here's the link to the new tab.  Or you can just look to the menu tabs above and find it there.

That's all I got.  Happy gaming!

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