Thursday, November 1, 2012

Links to Stuff to Read

I'm struggling to come up with something to run for today, so apropos of nothing, here are some links to lists of stuff to read, in case you were looking for something. has the 10 Scariest Books They've Ever Read, starring Neil Gaiman.

Newsarama has 10 Essential Star Wars Comics.  Kind of a cheap list considering that they list the entire Legacy series as a single entry.

The Art of Manliness has a full-on 100 Must-Read Books.  Surprisingly, I've read a goodly number of those.

Tulsa World has A Reading List for Young Intellectuals.  It's about what you ought to expect.

And finally, when you evacuated for Hurricane Sandy, what books did you take with you?  Well, here's the list from HuffPo.  Who knows what animates the minds of the writers at HuffPo?

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