Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Procrastination & Spring Fever

I’m on the train right now, and today’s Game Post for the Sellswords of Luskan is done, and I know I ought to start working on some writing, but man, I just do not want to.  
So here’s a question for the FR geeks in the room: How many of you know who Loviatar is?  If your party was being chased by minions of Bane, and you suddenly ran into a church with runes celebrating the power of Loviatar, would you know that your party was in trouble?  I’m just curious.
If you’re wondering, The Sellswords got lost in the woods this week up in the wilds of the Spine of the World.  Then the temperature started dropping, and enough of them failed their attendant Constitution checks that they had to seek shelter.  But they accidentally wandered into the Shadowfell (thanks to a bunch of failed Woodland Lore checks), and so when they finally found a place to rest, it was an abandoned farmhouse owned by a vampire priestess of Loviatar.  But they made the Arcana and Forbidden Lore checks necessary to realize that they had a problem, only I didn’t know if they Players themselves would know who Loviatar was, so I had the vampire lady explain that Loviatar is the Lady of Pain and Bane’s consort.
Heh.  I hope that’s correct.  I didn’t look it up or anything; I’m just working from memory here.
Anyway, now we’re into a combat encounter with the vampire, a dark angel of Loviatar, and a couple of imps.  This one ought to be a slightly more strenuous test of our heroes’ mettle.
If you haven’t guessed, I don’t want to work today.  There’s a new micro-brewery around the block from my house, and they have an excellent White IPA, the Honeyspot Road White IPA from the new Two Roads Brewery.  

What’s a “white IPA”?
The IPA part refers to India Pale Ale, so called because in the olden days, the British used to use tons of hops in the beer they brewed for the East India Company’s ships’ crews in order to help keep the beer fresh during the long voyage to the subcontinent.  The “white” part of the title refers to the base grain from which the beer was brewed; “white” beers are wheat beers, or weizens if they’re brewed in Germany.  My wife bought me a six-pack of the Honeyspot Road White IPA on Friday last week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’ve got one left in the fridge back home, and even though it’s only Tuesday--and it’s not even seven in the morning here--I still hear it calling my name.
It’s finally getting a little warmer outside, and frankly, if I had my druthers, I’d like to go for a long bike ride and then have my gaming group over for a long session of drinking and D&D.  I know I’m a geek, and I’m good with it.  I’m just sayin’, that’s how I’d like to spend my day.

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