Thursday, March 21, 2013

Odds and Ends: 3/21/2013

Well, it's good that my wife and most of my co-workers are finally feeling better. They'd all been down with something that they almost all said was allergies but that I personally feel pretty sure must have been a virus.  Because now I've got it.  And while I don't feel too, too bad, my head feels like a block of wood, and my nose is getting sore from too much blowing.

I know that's exciting stuff, but there you have it.

As if the little cold weren't enough, I went and hurt my left knee on Saturday's long bike ride.  I had a plica in my knee a few years ago, and it feels very much like a recurrence--which is good from the standpoint that I already have the appropriate brace and know how to treat it, but it's bad because knee injuries off the bike are pretty rare.

It was a little sore after Saturday's ride, but I didn't think much of it and ran on it Tuesday. It was a little sore during the run, but I stopped and stretched and felt okay. But the. It hurt like Hell Wednesday morning, even while I was riding into the office on my foldie, and I started getting scared. So I babied it yesterday, and it seems better today--but still a little stiff. At this point, my plan is to wear my brace for Saturday's run and hope for the best. I mean, this is exactly the wrong time in the season for an injury that keeps me from training, but what can you do?

Finally, I changed my LinkIn profile pic yesterday. I basically decided that the picture of me crossing the finish line at the Westport Tri two years ago just wasn't appropriate, manly though it obviously was. So I took a picture of myself in he office yesterday. It's not great photography or anything, but you can see it below.