Sunday, July 13, 2014

Three Weeks to Maine

I'm planning some rough water swim routes while we watch Tony Martin detroy the peloton in today's stage.  Martin is crushing these guys.

Anyway, this first one is around Black Island, which you can see easily once you're out past the rocks that mark the entrance/exit to Northeast Cove.  Last year, I kept telling myself I was going to swim around the island, but when you're actually out in the water, it's a long way.  I swam for 20 minutes and felt like I'd gotten at most half way out.  I was probably a little closer than that, but it's hard to judge distances from the middle of a lake.

At nearly two miles round trip, this turns out to be a little longer than I thought it was.  That's probably a good 50 minutes in the water at the very least.

I did this next one a time or two last year.  It's virtue is that it hugs the Neck, but I stayed a good 25 yards offshore at every point along the route last year, except when I was going around the rocks at the first and second turns.

It can get a little voyeuristic.  There are vacation houses all around here, and people are in them, frequently sitting out on their porch drinking coffee.  I'd swim by and see all these guys standing around, and it's awkward.  I'd rather just be out on my own in the water.

This one might be a better goal.  I swim further than this regularly in the pool, but I don't know that I want to do more than a mile and a half while we're out on vacation.  Doing 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back is probably a good goal for vacation swimming.  Further than that, and Sally's liable to start worrying.

Finally, here's an actual run route.  There's a Hell of a steep climb as you reach the two-mile mark.  We did it last year on the mountain bikes, and it was challenging because it's so steep that you have to get out of the saddle, but the terrain is loose enough that your rear wheel will spin if you're not careful to keep your weight over the back.  

Outta be interesting trying to climb it in running shoes.

Sally and I are definitely going to run out there.  I'm not sure
we're going to run this entire route.

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