Monday, August 4, 2014

Riding the Carriage Roads

We road the carriage roads in Acadia yesterday. Hannah was on her bike; Emma was behind me on the attachment.

Cycling is absolutely my favorite thing to do with our family. We started out at Hulls Cove Visitor's Center and headed south on the Witch Hole Trail until we hit Eagle Lake.  Then we turned around and climbed up the other side of Witch Hole until we were overlooking Frenhman's Bay.

We took some pictures at one of the old stone bridges. I liked these okay, but you can really see my man-boobs, and it's driving me crazy.  Granted, I could afford to lose a few pounds, but I'm swimming well and riding and running well...  I feel good.  I don't particularly want to diet, but the man-boobs look bad.

After cycling, we picnicked at one of the areas in the park and then drove up Route 3 to Bar Harbor.  Along the way, we drow through the little village of Northeast Cove.  That's a beautiful town. 

I'm definitely going to find a way to work this cove into the next Sneax story.  

I think Sneax and Elaina are going back up to the mythical town of Breakwater Bay.  From there they'll head out to investigate some old dwarven ruins. I got the idea when we were hiking up to Bubble Rock from the way that the park rangers had carved the rocks into stone steps. 

The new story also has a new character Naomi and her son Hector, but that part of it is keyed to something else that happened in a friend's life. It's about the challenge/difficulty of living up to a successful parent's legacy. I'm not sure how the disparate parts work together yet. 

Anyway, we're gonna stay local this morning and then head down into Ellsworth this afternoon. Sounds good?

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