Friday, October 31, 2014

Super-Quick Primer: Air Force at Army

This is a very quick primer for tomorrow’s game, Air Force at Army.  I’m writing it because nobody read my extended preview, which was so evil and mean-spirited that I couldn’t bring myself to post the link anywhere.  Really, I should have kept that fucker in my diary.

Okay.  Here is what you need to know:

1. As of this writing, Army is getting about 2.75 points, depending on where and exactly how you bet.  The over/under is a whopping 56.5 points.  Come what may, this promises to be an exciting game.

2.  Air Force beat the living Hell out of Navy at home earlier this season.  I mean that literally.  The Falcons only won by two scores, but they left injured Navy players littered across the field all during the game.

3.  Army hasn’t been a great team this season, but they are much better at home.

4.  Air Force runs an aerial version of the triple option that looks similar to the pitch concepts that Army uses when it runs outside, save that most of these outside plays are run from short passes.  If you like football, it’s a fascinating offense.

5.  Both teams have a lot at stake.  Army needs to win at home to salvage its season.  Air Force is looking to clinch the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy and become bowl eligible.  It can do both with a win.

6.  Air Force’s mantra this season has been “Bring Back the Trophy.”  They win it so often that they have a permanent case for it installed in their locker room.

7.  The weather report looks much better than it did earlier in the week.  We were expecting rain.  Now it’s supposed to clear up around 9:00.  It ought to be cloudy and in the upper 40s at kickoff.

8.  According to the schedule, cadets march on at 11:00, there’s a parachute demonstration at 11:10, and kickoff is at 11:30.  CBS is carrying the game on its main network feed.

We’ll be at the game.  We’re 27 rows up around the 25-yard-line opposite the scoreboard.

Go Army!  Beat Air Force!

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