Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday News & Notes: Odin Comes Through!

I'm still trying to catch up with all the news that I didn't run on Friday's 5 Things.  This was a busy week full of bunches of awesome stuff.

Let's do it.

I know where there are a bunch of happy cadets this morning.


Dan Slott is such a great writer.  He actually faced death threats when he started the Superior Spider-Man story arc, but that arc was one of the best, most innovative uses of the character in modern memory.  And now he's threatening to change the game again...

They need to make this happen yesterday.

I thought it was fine when they decided to break Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson up, but Peter Parker has always been the "regular guy" superhero.  He should have just done what everybody else does when a marriage ends--get a divorce.  Sadly, that isn't what happened.

Anyway, most comic readers these days are guys like me.  We're 40, we have jobs and families...  It is what it is.  We grew up reading comics on the spinner racks, but that has now been a long time ago.  I know that I for one would like at least one superhero to reflect the reality of my life--as the teenaged Parker did for his teenaged fans back when he was first introduced.  This new incarnation of a married Spider-Man with a job, a wife, and a kid would do just that.

Plus, Marvel has been playing Spider-Man as one of the grizzled vets of the superhero game for a few years now.  Even in the continuity of the comics, dude is in his mid-30s, and he's been Spider-Man since he was 15.  That's almost two decades of superheroing.  Slott in particular has made good use of all of that experience and continuity, but it's a little weird that in the face of all of that, Parker the man is still a schlub who can barely hold a job.


True story.  Happened earlier this week, and it was weird as all get-out.


I saw pictures from before the bonfire.  These are the first I've seen of that actual event.


No comment required.

Pictures from Halloween:

Decoration at a neighbors.
My girls and a masked marauder.

Blackout Hits Bangladesh as Line From India Fails (NY Times)
"Bangladesh was hit by a nationwide blackout on Saturday after a transmission line bringing electricity from neighboring India failed, but power was restored to many parts of the country within a few hours, an official said.

The blackout was caused by a 'technical glitch" and swept across the impoverished and energy-starved South Asian nation at around noon, said Masum-Al-Beruni, managing director of the state-run Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. He did not elaborate on the cause."

Sounds like they had some kind of breaker misoperation that opened a line.  Okay, that happens.  It's not supposed to blackout an entire country, though.  Ouch.

In my next life, I'd like to come back as a transmission planner for an under-developed country.  Don't get me wrong: I like working in New York.  But I feel like I could be doing more.  Like I ought to be.  Doing the same kind of work in a place like Bangladesh would offer some new, more interesting challenges.  It would probably be more rewarding, too.

But what's the career path?  It's only now, as an experienced Senior Engineer, that I actually have the training and experience to make a concrete difference someplace where they have complicated challenges.  Frankly, I'm not sure how to market myself to the folks who might benefit from my experience.


Alright, that's creepy.  Kind of turns Frankenstein on its head.

I like it.

That's enough for one morning.  Enjoy your weekend!

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