Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

We finally got our tree trimmed last night, and in spite of everthing, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas.  The kids were fired up, singing Christmas carols, and even I felt a little pang for days gone by as we pulled some of my family’s old ornaments out of their boxes for another year.  Some of these ornaments have been around a while, and I know that for me, my memories of Christmas are intimately tied to some of our specific tree ornaments.

Our Christmas Tree.
You can't see it, but the kids also installed an electric "Christmas train"
around the tree's skirt.
We walked down to the lot where they had the trees
and pulled ours home using the kids' old wagon
The popcorn elephant was my favorite growing up.
We got him in 1976.  I was three.
Hannah's favorite is Pinky-Pie.  We got Pinky when Hannah was three,
right after she stepped into a mulched pumpkin and ruined a new pair of boots. 
We got this little guy in 1991 or 92.
The poor bastard has been waiting a long time for graduation.
Emma declared this one her favorite because it looks
a little like our dog Faith looked right after we brought
her home.  Faith is only two, so this ornament is pretty new.
At nine, Emma's not one for nostalgia just yet.
Sally's worse than I am about nostalgia.  She declared
this one her favorite because it was labeled 1965.
Hannah made this one for me in 2004.  It's already ten
years old, and I expect it'll be on the tree for
many years to come.

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