Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I've Been Really Busy

I'm trying to get around to a post with some actual content in it, but it's been tough to find time lately.  I'm trying.  On the plus side, being busy is good.  On the negative side, we'd been building momentum on the blog, but as of yesterday, it had all but stopped.  That stinks.  In the meantime...

This image generated a ton of online outrage yesterday, first from folks who felt it was offensive and then from folks who were outraged by the outrage.  DC Comics ultimately caved to the pressure and pulled the cover, but not before reaping bunches of free publicity.  Perhaps that was the point.

For what it's worth, I love this cover.  It's horrifying.  That is--obviously--the whole point.

I'm trolling Twitter now.  Speaking of outrage...

They've also grounded the Kiowa Warrior scout helicopters in favor of a UAV system linked with Apaches.  This is probably not a bad execution of the hunter-killer concept, but I bet it's more expensive than the system it was replacing.  Meanwhile, I don't know anyone who's not upset about the A-10 thing.


This is why we need immigration.

That's it.  Gotta go! 

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