Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pictures from the Discover Museum's Adventure Park in Bridgeport, CT

Sally and the kids took me to the Adventure Park in Bridgeport, CT, yesterday for a day of climbing, zip lining, and adventure.  It was a lot of fun.  We took some pictures.

Sally on an early obstacle.

Obligatory selfie, taken on the same obstacle.
The park uses the same difficulty scale as a ski resort.  I'm
standing here on a platform on the Blue trail, Waterfall.
Still on Waterfall.  You have to grab these rings and
swing across the gap like Tarzan.
Hannah on one of the Green trails.
This is me on a platform at the end of the Black Diamond trail.
From here, you clip into the automated belaying reel and jump.
It reminded me of Airborne School.
On the ground after the Black Diamond trail. 
On a zip line.  I took Emma back on the Blue trail, Waterfall.
Emma was all smiles after she finished Waterfall.
Emma negotiating an obstacle.
This is me on Waterfall.  Emma is behind me.
We went out for Mexican afterwards.  We were all smoked.
Me with my "cake".
I blew out the candle on my "cake".  It was actually flan.

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