Sunday, September 27, 2015

Army 58, Eastern Michigan 36

Man, it is weird to watch Army play a team as snakebit as they are.  At one point, Army was up 15-3, and Eastern Michigan went to the hurry-up.  To this point, Army's defense had been playing well, but they were no match for the hurry-up, and the Eagle drove all the way to the 2.  Then the Eagles running back fumbled on his way into the end zone, turning the ball over, and Army was able to go up by three scores!

Crazy game.  Fun, but crazy.

Yeah.  Eastern Michigan struggles a bit to stop the run.  FB Aaron Kemper led the Army team with 147 yards on 13 carries.  That's a nice night of work.

That right there was the highlight of the game.  EMU would come back, but this made the score 22-3.  EMU closed the score to 36-30 at the end of the 3rd quarter, but they never succeeded in stopping--or even slowing down--the triple-option. Army immediately went back up by two scores and kept piling on.

The only bad news of the night is that yearling QB Ahmad Bradshaw rolled up his ankle and left the game in a walking boot.  Firstie AJ Schurr came in and played well, and I would imagine he'll get teh start against Penn State next week, even if Bradshaw is ready to go.  That's okay, but I'd prefer to keep Bradshaw in there over the course of the rest of the season.  He is still a better athlete and a more versatile quarterback in my opinion, even if Schurr throws the ball a bit better.

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