Sunday, September 6, 2015

Views from Pemetic Mountain

Our last hike of vacation was up Acadia's Pemetic Mountain to perhaps the most spectacular views we saw all week.  It was a fairly steep climb, especially in the tree line before we broke out onto the ridge trail, but we all made it, and everyone had a good time.

Pemetic Trail starts down by Jordan Pond.
Away we go!
With plenty of #selfie stops along the way, of course.
We broke out of the trees and had spectacular views to the south
of Mount Desert Island.
Past the tree line, the trail turns to follow the south ridge.
Parts of this climb were steep.
Looking south from the ridgline.  Sutton Island is in the mid-ground with
Great Cranberry behind.  Islesford (Little Cranberry) is off to the left.
Southwest Harbor is the tiny port town tucked in south of Sutton Island.

This chasm is in the guidebooks.
Panoramic view from up near the summit.  You'll have to click to expand it.

From the summit.  Jordan Pond is directly below us.  That's where we started.
We took a bunch of these and will probably use one on our Christmas cards.
Again with the #selfiestick.
Sally stands atop the summit.

Beginning the descent.
I love all these views of the girls descending.
We just followed the dog, and she led us straight to the car.
We're back home today, so I'm posting these mostly as a way to remember.  Everybody seems happy to be back and focused on the future, except me.  

I'm sad.  I really like Maine.


  1. Those are great pictures. It makes me feel like I'm back on top of the mountain. Great memories.