Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Odds & Ends: Following Up on Yesterday...

I took Hannah to her first poetry reading last night.  She was one of the winners of Fairfield University's "Poetry for Peace" contest.

"All My Thoughts" by Hannah Head
The published anthology.
 This is Hannah's first published work; she is now--officially--a published author.

Don't trust those "Bloomberg 2016" rumors.

I get the argument here, but what this means to me is that Bloomberg would very much like to run, but he hasn't seen a realistic openning yet.  This doesn't make a future run less likely, however.

If Sanders wins the Democratic nomination AND none of the mainstream Republicans manage to pull ahead of Trump or Cruz, Bloomberg will run.  In this scenario, a Centrist candidate would have a realistic shot at capturing a substantial portion of the electorate.  We might even wind up with along-term third party.  However, if Clinton wins and is not indicted, Bloomberg won't run because he would no longer have that realistic shot at capturing the center.


Igor Sikorsky, inventor of the helicopter, was from Stratford, and the company that he founded is still here.  "Igor's Dream" is a very fine Imperial Stout made in his honor by the local super-start-up Two Roads Brewery.  It's an amazing beer, but it's very expensive.

Final note: Army Football Season Tickets just went on sale.  They're cheap this year.  Army is technically the "home" team for Army-Navy, so there are only five true home games.  You can get a Season Ticket package for $120/seat, plus parking, which will run you something like $60.  So around $300 for a pair of seats and a parking spot for the entire season.

That's end zone seating, though.  Decent seats will run you a little more.

Buy tickets at

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