Monday, January 25, 2016

Training Log: 1/18 to 1/24 (Week 4)

It's been a good week.  I feel good, like we got something done.
Swim, Bike, Run.
I swam twice this week, once on Monday when I had the day off and once on Saturday after weights.  Monday's swim was the best I've had in a while.  Swimming hasn't been easy since getting back into the weight room, but as I wrote last week, I feel like I'm getting there.

Monday's workout:

5 x 100 warm-up @ 1:30 (easy)
200 kick

Main Sets
8 x 200 @ 2:55 (80% effort)
200 kick
6 x 50 @ :50, breathing every 3rd stroke

I got into a nice groove on the main set and went longer than I'd planned.  That was convenient considering how hard it was to ride this week.  I kept it shorter Saturday, going all of 1000 yards.  But that was the plan, and I stuck to it.

Swimming Total: 2 x swim workouts (2800; 1000); 38 pts

This was a four-day week, and it was very cold and windy.  I only road twice, and that felt like a lot.

Cycling Total: 2 x commute rides (21.4 miles) 21.4 pts

Finally got to run three times this week.  I went an easy 2.6-miles on Wednesday in frigid weather and then put in a long(ish) run on Friday of just over five.  I averaged 9:05/mile on that one on Central Park's bridle trail.  We had a snowstorm Saturday, of course, so that left me to run Sunday on the treadmill.  That sucked, but I did it.

I'm running okay, but Sunday's treadmill run was a chore.

Running Total: 3 x runs (2.6, 5.1, 2.6); 41 pts

Aerobic Training Total: 100.4 pts

Hannah and I lifted chest / shoulders / triceps on Tuesday night, but we got into the gym late and couldn't get a tremendous amount done.  We did a few sets of flat bench with dumbbells, some shoulder and core work, and triceps extensions.  Ultimately, the best thing we could say about it was that we went, that we kept the streak alive.  

Saturday's workout was better, but I wrote about that already this week.  I also did about twenty minutes worth of yoga Sunday, for whatever that's worth.  Honestly, I was just trying to stretch my back.

I also shoveled snow on Sunday, but I don't know if that counts as exercise.

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