Sunday, November 6, 2016

Quick Thoughts: Air Force

Up until now, I've felt like Army lost because it made mistakes, giving away games that the team could have won.  It wasn't like that yesterday.  Yesterday, the Black Knights played a team with bigger, faster players, and that's why they lost.  There were several times when Army had the right defensive call, when linebackers got into the backfield to bring Air Force QB Arion Worthman down for a loss, but they just could not make the play because Worthman had too much speed.  He beat linebackers to the corner, forced coverage to drop to defend his scrambles, and he threw with great accuracy on the run.  He was the best player on the field--by quite a bit--and there's no shame in admitting it.

Bradshaw takes the first snap of the game.
The Rabble Rousers didn't have a lot to cheer about yesterday.
What's a shame is that Air Force Head Football Coach Troy Calhoun has been so slow to see what he's got in Worthman, keeping a struggling Nate Romine as his squad dropped three winnable games in a row.  Yes, Air Force won the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy, and yes, they're bowl eligible, but they could be doing better--much better.  Instead, they've had to turn a season around in which, to be honest, they've had magnificently good players at every level.

That's on the head coach.  He's the one who lost to Wyoming and Hawaii at home.  

He seems to know it, too, because his comments to the media yesterday were ten minutes of excuses, talking about how un-talented his team is, how they suck but they fight, and that's the only reason that they win.  It sounds like the ravings of a madman, if I'm being honest, but what can you do?

The guy embarrassed himself and insulted his team.  I've said before that I don't understand why anyone would want to go to the Air Force Academy.  But seriously, who in the world would want to play for this asshole?

Beyond the facts of the game on the field, I had a great time yesterday.  My buddy came up from Fort Hood for the game, and we met a bunch of our classmates at halftime.  We sat around drinking beer and telling stories before the game, and it was fun.  We talked about work and life and the Army and everything else.  That was great.

The game itself had its moments, but it was frustrating, too, obviously.  At least, as I said, I didn't feel like Army pissed away a winnable contest.  They got beat.  That's a different thing.  

Whatever they had, they left it all out on the field.  That's all anyone can ask.

Parade selfie with Chris. 
The West Point Class of '95 at halftime.
Me & Chris tailgating pregame.  We wound up crashing the Class of '85
tailgate, but they were very gracious about it.
Obligatory selfie as we tried to get through security before the game.
Next week we're on the road in Texas playing Notre Dame.  Navy beat the Irish yesterday by a point, and Army has played better on the road all season.  The Black Knights now need this game, but can they win it?  

I have no idea.

Army has come a long way from it's 2-10 season a year ago.  I believe the program is moving in the right direction.  Maybe not as fast as all us Old Grads would like, but we're improving and will continue to improve.  That counts for a lot.

Go Army!  Beat Notre Dame!!!

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  1. Calhoun is an ass to speak of his players like that.