Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Teenage Tuesday: Introducing Hannah Cabeza

Hannah Cabeza

Aliases/Nicknames: Chana, Jelly Bean
Identity: Not public, not secret, not on social media
Occupation: Student / writer
Known Relatives: Danno E. Cabeza (Father), Sally E. Cabeza (mother), Emma (sister) and Faith (dog)
Group Affiliations: Middle School Student Council, Polly’s Advanced Gymnastics Program, Turning Pointe Dance Academy, Housatonic Boat Club Junior Sailing, RVP Studios (former).
Education: Eighth grade
Powers: Hannah always sings on key.  She also has the ability to make friends very easily, which made transferring schools right before middle school much easier.
Abilities: Hannah is a poet and short fiction writer, a gymnast/dancer (ballet and jazz), and an accomplished singer.  She is also in the running for Middle School Valedictorian.


Hannah was born in Hackensack, NJ, way in 2003.  She discovered singing in fourth grade and was cast as Annie in the school production of “Li’l Orphan Annie” by the end of fifth.  She served as Vice President of her Student Council in seventh grade but lost the Presidential election by a single vote the following year, on a day when one of her best friends was absent from school.  Hannah conceded with grace and has remained active in Student Council as a Class Representative in the months since.
Hannah is an avid weight-lifter, gymnast, and dancer, though gymnastics is her main athletic focus.  She dreams of becoming a cheerleader at Stratford High School and of maybe one day becoming a Rabble Rouser for the Black Knights of Army.

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