Friday, August 18, 2017

5 Things on a Friday: A Day in New York City

Different format this week.  Sally and I took the girls to Midtown West for a day of sightseeing.  I think this was technically a part of Hell's Kitchen, so Hannah kept telling us to stay on the lookout for Daredevil.

I reminded her that Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day.

I had sushi tacos with fries and a beer yesterday for lunch.
Part of why I love New York.
There's a giant AT-AT in the Disney store in Times Square.  Who knew?

1. The Intrepid Air & Space Museum
The point of this particular trip was to see the Intrepid Air & Space Museum.  The Intrepid, it turns out, was a World War II era aircraft carrier which saw service through the end of the Vietnam War.

The family with the Intrepid in the background.
The West Side as seen from the carrier's flight deck.
That's a big boat.
This SR-71 is probably the coolest thing on the flight deck.
Hannah with the Army's sole contribution, an old Huey helicopter.

2. Legos!
There is a lot of cool stuff at the Intrepid.  Okay, fine.  But then Hannah said, "Aircraft carriers are cool!  And I already know how to sail!


Anyway, arguably the coolest thing on the entire ship is this 1:40 scale replica made of legos.  It's enormous!  They set it right at the entrance to the Hangar Deck.

Lego aircraft carrier with a full compliment of planes, and a complete crew. 
The flight deck near the elevator.

3.  Space Shuttle Enterprise
Seeing all the Navy stuff was deeply weird.  So we headed to the Space Shuttle Exhibit, where they have a bunch of NASA stuff and the space shuttle Enterprise.

I totally had this lunchbox as a kid.
It's a big-ass space plane!

4. Nuclear Attack Submarine
The Growler was a 50s-era diesel-electric nuclear attack submarine.  It did not look like a fun place to live and work for six months at a time.

Growler is docked with a Regulus missile up and in firing position.  Back in the
50's, subs had to surface to fire their missiles, an obvious weakness.
Cramped quarters on a sub.
It looks big from the outside.  Inside, though, there's not a lot of room for 60+ guys.

5. The Beast!
We ended the day with a high-speed water-tour of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty aboard The Beast.  

That crazy boat gets up to 45mph!  Highly recommended.  It's on the next pier down from the Intrepid.

Family selfie with The Beast pulling into view.
Statue of Liberty from The Beast.
Lower Manhattan & the Freedom Tower as seen from the Hudson River.

That's all I've got.

Don't forget to check out Joe's AFC North Preview over at A Hoosier on the Potomac.  I'll be back on Monday with the next preview, this time for the NFC South.

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