Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday News & Notes: UCF Wins & Navy Goes Blue Angels

I don't love those jerseys, but even worse is the decision to honor the Navy's flight demonstration team instead of one of its actual combat units.  Did everybody in Annapolis just forget about their rather considerable history?

It's weird. I thought they were onto the right idea with the ship helmets two years ago, and then Army one-upped them with the 82nd Airborne uniforms last year.  They could've come back with something like "The Battle of Midway," but I guess if you're Under Armor, and you're worried about your contract, and you know that Navy's Supe is a famous naval aviator, you go for personal flatter above historic significance.

Or maybe it's a cultural thing, and I'm just trained to think about the history of the institution first.

* * *

This was definitely the game of the day.  I was personally pulling for USF, and it looked like they had a chance right up until this game-winning kickoff return with something like :90 left on the clock.

UCF has definitely had a good season.  Speaking as a guy who spent his last two years of high school in Tampa, swimming local meets at USF and UCF, it is weird as anything to see these two schools become powerhouses on the national football stage.

* * *
I don't know how many people are interested in the Army-Navy game and college football and are also interested in Dungeons & Dragons and the discussion that's been floating across Twitter for the last few days about "theater of the mind" style play.  But if you are somehow a member of both groups, you will perhaps appreciate these homebrew "Theater of the Mind" rules from well-known D&D blogger Sly Flourish.

This is the way we play at my house most of the time, and I don't actually think that it's all that complicated.  But we don't play particularly often -- once per year is about where we are, honestly -- so maybe we're just not seeing the problems that come up if you run through some more complicated scenarios.

Regardless, treating it like improv theater is generally the way to go.  Which is to say that as a DM, you want to find a way to say, "Yes, and..." rather than, "No, you can't do that."

* * *
That's all, folks!  Have a happy Saturday.

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