Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weekend Workout Notes: 4000 Yards Swimming + Weight Room Work

Publishing this weekend's workout schedule in case you're looking for some inspiration, either in the pool or in the weight room.

I swam 4000 yards yesterday morning, so we'll start with that.  I wrote this up in my notebook after the fact.  I'm sticking this in longhand; hopefully you don't mind.

Saturday's 4000 yard swim workout; click to enlarge.
Biggest note about this is that, for once, the YMCA kept the pool temperature down to about 80-degrees rather than the usual 83 or 84.  That was awesome.  Was able to put in tempo work without overheating for once, and I tried to really take advantage of it.  

There's not much steady aerobic work here.  Instead, this workout was all about switching tempos and getting outside of my comfort zone.

* * *
Today's weight workout is below.  We haven't actually done this one yet.

The workout itself emphasizes back and biceps work, but as with everything I do, we're also going to put in quite a bit of core work.  We lift twice/week, so we hit our core muscle groups pretty much every time.

Today's weight workout, from my notebook.
Click to enlarge.
I added in some shoulder work (planks) because my daughter Hannah has been struggling with her push-ups.  Based on the results from our last (chest/shoulders) workout, I think the problem is that she lacks overall strength in her shoulders, so she's not able to bring her pectorals to bear for lack of stability and basic power.

I actually had to look up how to attack and fix that.  Have added some stability work to this workout despite its general emphasis on the lats and lower back because, again, with working just twice/week in the weight room, she'll have plenty of time to recover before we get back on Tuesday.

Got questions or comments?  Let me know.

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