Sunday, February 18, 2018

More Pics from Ski Butternut

Both girls have school play practice starting soon, and anyway, winter looks like it is rapidly coming to a close here in Coastal Connecticut.  That's not exactly upsetting -- winters in New England can be brutal -- but it does mean that our family's winter ski season is almost over. 

After years of barely getting out on the slopes, we've skied a lot this season.  As Sally put it, "Skiing is really the only good way to get through these winters."  That is especially true in December and January, when the days are so short and dark that we sometimes barely see the sun.

We went back to Ski Butternut for the third and final time yesterday.  Had a good day with the family but very icy conditions actually out on the slopes.  I fell once trying to dig an edge on all that ice and then took it easy for most of the rest of the day.  Honestly, we probably should've just spent more time in the upper lodge, but that's not the way we played it.

Hannah in her snowplow.  She's taken to calling herself the "Ski Turtle".
But she's comfortable, enjoys the sport, & skis in control.  That's all we ask.
Hannah at the Highline lift.
The Emboo headed down towards the upper lodge.
Emma skis like a rocket.  She looked like Lindsey Vonn out there yesterday.
Family self at the upper lodge after we'd finished for the day.

We got snow locally last night, so we're headed to Mount Southington later this morning for a 4-hour pass.  Should be a nice day, but maybe a little slushy, depending on how the new snow holds out.  I'll let you know.

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