Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saturday Musings: Yankees, Army Football, and others...

I miss football.  Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the vaunted Yankees were playing a little better, but at 4-4 with half the roster nursing injuries, we're not off to the start that a lot of Yankee fans were looking for.  So...

Army football is scrimmaging today, complete with live hits on the quarterbacks.  Per beat writer Sal Interdonato, the Black Knights' quarterback competition looks wide open.  Per today's Army Football Insider post:

"Monken said he doesn’t, 'have any idea where it’s going to shake out,' at quarterback for the 2018 season. He said both sophomore Kelvin Hopkins and sophomore Kell Walker, who played running back his first two seasons, 'have done some good things.' Monken also mentioned he’s anxious to see what freshmen Christian Anderson and Cam Thomas can do under scrimmage-like conditions."

The post goes on to note that Hopkins and Walker are roommates, which I confess would probably have driven me a little batty back in the day.  I had a pretty close intrasquad competition with one of my good friends on the Army Swim Team in the 200 Butterfly and for the butterfly leg of Army's "A" relay, and that was great and very healthy during practice, but I would not have wanted to have to bring it back to my room at nights afterwards.  Yikes!  That would make it tough over time, I think.

Anyway, I confess that I too am most curious about what Army's highly touted plebe quarterback recruits can do.  In a perfect world, Christian Anderson or Cam Thomas will take command tomorrow and never look back.

The spring Black and Gold game is next Friday night, with the Army-Navy Lax game the following Saturday afternoon.  My kids and I are definitely going to the lacrosse game, but I've not quite given up on attending the scrimmage as well.  It kind of depends on how the week goes and on whether or not one of my kids feels like going with me.

* * *

CC pitched okay, but he pulled up lame after the 5th, with the Bombers down 3-2.   Eventually, they tied it up, but their big guns aren't quite hitting the way we might've hoped, and the game dragged on into the 14th inning.  Then the O's hit a homer with the bases loaded, and that was your ball game.

Also: half the team is now nursing injuries.

I want to blame at least part of this on the early spring weather -- I mean, Giancarlo Stanton looks flat uncomfortable out there in the mid-30-degree blusteriness we've seen this week -- but it could just be that the team hasn't settled in just yet.  Or maybe this team isn't quite as polished as we'd all hoped.

Regardless, this season hasn't opened with quite the excitement that Yankees fans were looking for, though it's obviously too early to get worried about anything other than key injuries.  But yeah, this team could really use Greg Bird back, along with either Clint Frazier or Aaron Hicks.

* * *

Oh man.  What could possibly go wrong?

The Old Ball Coach is heading up the team in Orlando, Florida.  Which is either gonna be great, or it means that he'll be semi-retired even when he's on the field.

* * *

The U.S. Army tried to tackle this problem with man-shaped targets out on its ranges back in the day, which supposedly break down the body's natural resistance to shooting other people over time. 

But still, somebody could probably do a good piece of popular history on this at some point.

* * *

I'd like to see them take Barkley and get the O-Line together as a working unit.  With that, I think Eli could perhaps put together one last magical season.

And that's all I've got. 

Happy Saturday!!! 

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