Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Feel Like I've Learned a Few Things Today

This hasn't by any means been my favorite NFL football season of recent memory. Still, this is the last regular season weekend of the year, and so I feel like I have to watch this afternoon's games. After all, barring a miracle this afternoon this will be the last time we see the New York Giants play for the next 6 months.

So. What have we learned?

-- First, the Giants are great against defenses that suck. Against the Ravens? Terrible. But against the Eagles? Hey, pretty good day.

-- Likewise, the Giants' offense is great when they have Chris Snee in the lineup. Without him know? Again, terrible.

-- Along those same lines, counting on the Detroit Lions is a losing strategy.

-- Lastly, why don't I think that the Houston Texans can never win a Superbowl? Because they just can't win the big game. Witness today's game against Indianapolis. If they're going to drop a game like this against the Colts, wait until they have to play Tom Brady and the Patriots up in Foxboro.

I'll miss football once it ends, but the season itself has still been incredibly frustrating.

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