Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year: 2013!

I confess that I didn't stay up last night.  In fact, it's been a few years since I've actually rung in the New Year.  We got invited to a couple of parties last night, but I had to work a full day yesterday, and after having been stranded on the train for something like two-and-a-half hours, truth is, once I got home, I just did not want to go anywhere.  Instead, Return of the Jedi was on Spike last night, and I watched it with my daughter Emma.  Overall, I have to say that it was the best time I've had on New Year's in a long, long time.

Beyond that?  Well, I'm watching ESPN, and I have to say that Andy Reid looks happy to have been fired--finally.  He looks relieved.  Well, why shouldn't he?  It's been miserable in Philly for the past few years, and his contract is guaranteed next year for $6 million.

Marty Schottenheimer was the
coach of my favorite Chargers team,
the Drew Brees, LT Chargers.
Personally, I hope he takes a year off and then goes to the Tennessee Titans, but I'm not holding my breath on that.  I mean, I think the guy probably will take a year off--he'd be crazy not to--but I don't think there's a chance in Hell that the Titans make his Top Ten list.

Still on football: now that Norv Turner is gone in San Diego, can we please have Marty Schottenheimer back?  Can we likewise admit that firing him after a 13-3 season was an idiotic move?  Argh.

I usually do new fiction on Tuesdays, and indeed, I have something ready to go, but this being New Year's Day, I kind of have this feeling that if I put up something new today, 90% of my regular readers will miss it.  So you can look for that next week if you're so inclined.

By the way, if you're reading this and you have an opinion, you can also let me know in the comments if you're rather see more of The Sorcerer's Tale or if you'd like to read the short novella I wrote for my girls for Christmas using their D&D characters.

Anyway, in lieu of actual fiction this week, here's the poem I wrote for my wife for our 10th anniversary.  Sally's decree this year was that we all had to make something for everyone else in the family for Christmas, so the poem was what I "made" for her.  She seemed to like it.

The stars, they sparkle in the night sky.
How they shine! Glittering celestial stew.
And yet, for all the beauty up on high,
I’d trade it all to spend more time with you.

And the City, it holds infinite charm:
Glass towers, endless promise, forever new,
But I’d rather live on some rustic farm
If it meant I could pass my days with you.

Oh life, it holds all these wonders unseen:
From highest mountains to oceans of blue,
But I’d stick to just the places I’d been
Were that the price of staying close to you.

Life: a journey we’re taking together;
I wouldn’t change it, endless days, forever.

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