Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lucky Star

This is my daughter Hannah singing Madonna's "Lucky Star" at RVP Studios, where she takes voice lessons.  She led off the show today, which I thought was quite an honor, and I think she did pretty well with a song that was not at all her normal kind of thing.

My critique here starts with the fact that the microphone is set a little high, and that throws Hannah a bit when she starts.  As a result, she's a little high and a touch screechy early.  However, she settles nicely around the 2:00 mark, and she's much better after that.

On the plus side, Hannah's almost always on-key but stiff at the microphone.  So with this performance, she's having to get over probably her biggest weakness as a performance.  She succeeds with that, and I'm proud of her.  As I told my wife, Hannah is ten, and I don't think she's ready yet to cut an album and head out on tour.  However, this performance represents a big step for her in terms of her ability to inspire and connect with the audience, and that's not small thing.


  1. The thing about the performance aspect is that I would caution to think of that secondly, always secondly. The worst performers (but then again, the most popular) always take it as more important than the singing. The singing is always most important.

    1. I definitely do not think the singing is secondary. I just know Hannah can sing. With her eyes closed, in front of a crowd. So this was a performance that she needed. Granted, she still needs to put it all together.