Saturday, May 3, 2014

Liebster Awards (Part 3): My Nominees

This blog was nominated for a Liebster Award earlier in the week.  The Liebsters are a pay-it-forward kind of blogging award designed to help others find new and interesting small-readership blogs in the vast, unexplored reaches of the Internet.  

The good thing about the Liebsters is that being nominated means that someone’s reading your blog, and that they like your work.  By participating in the process, you can pass that love along and help others find readership, too.  
Bloggers participate by:
3. Nominating ten new blogs of their own, preferably with 200 members or less.
4. Posing ten new questions to the new nominees.
Dan and Sally’s Digital Domain was nominated by Axel from Iron Rogue.  Now, finally, my nominations for the next round of Liebsters are below, along with my ten questions for the new nominees.

As a reminder, there are no "Liebster Police", but I will totally think you're a punk if I nominate you, and you don't play along.  In addition, Liebster Award participants are "nominated", but to my knowledge, no one ever actually wins.  That is bullshit.  In life, there are winners and there are losers, and I myself don't believe in participation trophies.  So I'm going to pick a winnerfrom amongst the blogs I nominate, and I'm going to do a follow-up post covering their awards process going forward.  Winners deserve to be celebrated.

My 10 Liebster Nominees:

Charles writes my favorite “little” blog, although it’s been growing by leaps and bounds lately, so he may well have more than 200 followers by the time this nomination goes out.  Still, his blog is great, and I did a search and saw that no one has nominated him before me, so I’m nominating him now.
Dyvers is mostly a gaming blog, but like me, Charles writes a little of everything.  That’s the best part about his stuff if you ask me.

2.  Average Everyday Sane Psycho (
Bonnie is a triathlete that I met on Google+.  She is also a super-hot occasional fitness model, a test reader on my book “War Stories from Wanderhaven”, and an enthusiastic puppy owner.  Her help with my book has been invaluable, but you should check out her blog because it has awesome triathlon race reports and a bunch of super-cute puppy pictures.

3.  Rival Angels (
My friend Alan writes and draws the popular webcomic Rival Angels, the world’s greatest wrestling webcomic.  He just went through a very successful Kickstarter campaign and is probably not eligible for a Liebster based on the size of his site’s following.  That doesn’t matter to me at all.  Not only is Rival Angels well worth your time, but Alan is also a test reader on “War Stories from Wanderhaven”, and I happen to know from experience that making it as an independent comic producer is nigh-on impossible.  
Go read Rival Angels.  It’s terrific.

4.  Badass and Beautiful (
My friend Alisha recommended Badass and Beautiful to me, and it looks like an awesome site.  The site’s author, Suzanne, is a fitness professional who works at one of the local YMCA’s here in Coastal Connecticut.  
Need I say it?  She is a badass, and she is beautiful.  
You wanna check it out just for that, don’t you?  It’s okay.  Go ahead.

5.  One Minute Survival (
Fred is one of my West Point classmates.  He’s turned his military experience and SERE-school training into a fascinating blog about surviving when the comforts of civilization fail.  No one wants or expects a disaster, but Fred shows you how to be ready for one, and to be honest, after leafing through his blog, I feel like I need to update our car’s emergency kit.  But at least now I know where to go when I start putting the new and improved kit together.

6.  Harbinger of Doom (
Harbinger is another gaming blog, the one with my absolute favorite D&D Next homebrew content.  The site’s author, Brandes, takes a studied, longform approach to the content he creates, and I’m pretty sure that all of it would work in-game with little modification.  In particular, his homebrew versions of the Warlock and Alchemist have been fascinating.

7.  Points of Light (
Points of Light is still another gaming blog that I found via the D&D Next Community on Google+.  The blog’s author, David, writes a mix of game write-ups and reviews, along with product discussions and talkbacks about what’s going on in the fantasy gaming industry.  My personal interest is limited to what’s going on with D&D Next, but David’s take on the issues is always interesting and informative, and I enjoy it quite a bit.

8.  Nicole Drummer (
Nicole is a triathlete, coach, and ambassador for Training Peaks.  She’s also an active member of the Triathlon Community on Google+ and a person that I follow on Twitter.  I liked reading her stuff because she’s talented but no-nonsense in the way she discusses the sport and her part in it.

9.  Comics Reader (
Tony writes even more than I do.  A lot more.  In fact, he has a web of blogs that's so weirdly inter-related that I have trouble keeping them all straight.  However, my favorite thing that Tony does is Comics Reader, his comics review blog.  I liked his work back when we worked together on PaperbackReader.Com, and I continue to like it now that he's out on his own.

Also worth mentioning: Tony is from the great state of Maine.  That makes him doubly awesome.

10.  Life in Austin (
I met Ben through our shared work on the webcomic experiment Awesome Storm Justice 41.  I’m surprised that no one has nominated him for a Liebster yet considering how long his blog has been around, but since I’m now in a position to rectify that, here we go.  Ben is a husband, father, and cartoonist of robots living in Austin, TX, and he’s awesome guy to boot.  His blog is well worth a read, but like mine, it’s a little hard to pin down exactly what it’s about.  Still, I enjoy it, and you probably will, too.

10 Questions for My Liebster Nominees:

Remember: I’m not just nominating you.  I’m going to follow your blog as you work your way through the process and pick a winner after all the entries are in.
Good luck!
1.  What is your blog about, and why did you start it?

2.  Did you serve in the military?  Why or why not?

3.  Are you an athlete?  What’s your favorite sport?

4.  Name three authors that other people should spend more time reading.

5.  If you had to rename your blog, what would you call it?

6.  When you read comics, do you pay more attention to the writing or the art?

7.  Marvel has had a string of hit movies, but DC has fallen behind.  Besides Superman, Batman, and/or Wonder Woman, what DC superhero would you like to see in a movie?

8.  The game Dungeons and Dragons uses a set statistical block to describe Player-Character abilities on a scale of 3-18:
 -- Strength
 -- Intelligence
 -- Wisdom
 -- Dexterity
 -- Constitution
 -- Charisma
Using the attributes above, how would you rate yourself on a scale of 3-18, with 3 being incredibly feeble and 18 being amongst the best in the world.  If you were a D&D Character, would you be a Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, or Cleric?

9.  The secret of your success is…?

10.  If you’re still in school, then what do you want to be when you grow up?  If you’re grown and working, what are you doing now?  How does that compare to what you thought you’d be doing back when you were a kid?

That's all I've got.  To my nominees... Good luck!


  1. Happy to make you happy reading my comics blog! And in that spirit, I will definitely have some fun with this...

    1. Awesome. Let me know how it goes!